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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Why do Indian’s marry their cousins

Why do Indian’s marry their cousins ???

Writing started Feb 20th 2012
Its weird to many cultures Why Indian’s marry their cousins ?
Its wooed upon …ewww’ed upon and laughed upon !!!!Having lived in America myself for too long the concept of people marrying their cousins weirded me out until I came across this passage of scripture and it spoke to me and here are my thoughts about it.
Its very prominent in South India , I say this as I can speak for south Indians and its a significant part of the culture in the entire country and has been in practise for at least the last100 years.

Evidently Hindu culture seems to follow the Holy Bible (Old testament ) more closely that any other culture’s especially in this aspect.

From the Holy Bible Genesis 28:2 —
verse 2Arise, go to Padanaram, to the house of Bethuel thy mother’s father; and take thee a wife from thence of the daughter’s of Laban thy mother’s brother.

Who is saying verse 2 —> Issac
Who is supposed to arise and go –> Jacob
Who is the mother –> Rebekah
What is House of Bethuel –> Rebekah’s father’s house
Who is mother’s brother –> Laban
Who should he take as wife —> Daughter’s of Laban
Who is Laban to Jacob –> Uncle
Who are Laban’s daughters to Jacob –> cousins
Who is Jacob to take as wife –> cousin—
Wallah !!!!!!!!!!!!

Clearly this is an arranged match not e-harmony or e-chemistry , arranged marriage concept also takes it root from this.This one verse addresses the concept of
1. Marring the cousins ( Mom’s brothers kids ) and 2. the concept of Arranged marriage.
Marrying the cousins follows a certain logic ——Mom’s daughters can marry her brothers sons , mothers sons can marry brother’s daughter.Doesnot apply to Mom’s sisters kids , Brother’s brother….why may be because Jacob didnt mention it as it had no relevant in Jacob’s situation.

seems confusing : here’s an example
Father has 2 daughters and 2 sons .
lets call the Daughtes — D1 and D2 and sons –S1 and S2 —Marriage between cousins can happen as established above.
now D1′s and D2′s daughters can marry S1 and S2′s sons
D1 and D2′s sons can marry S1 and S2′s daughter.
but S1′s daughters cannot marry S2′s sons and viceversa and D1′s sons cannot marry D2′s daughters and vice versa.

Part 2 :
A huge blessings follows verse 2. do the marriage and be blessed is part of the blessing …
verse 3And God Almighty bless thee, and make thee fruitful, and multiply thee, that thou mayest be a multitude of people;

In reality here in India ….millions of people have married their cousins , back in the day it was much more prevalent and the same blessing that Issac gave to Jacob is also relevant or applied here to these people…
a.make thee fruitful
b.Multiple thee
c.mayest be a multitude of people
a,b,c holds true for our culture with a population of 1.21 billion in 2011 .
come to think of it …it also happens in the southern regions of United States , may be because its the bible belt and they follow the word closely again in this concept than the rest of the country.
so before you feel its weird or laugh at it …think again its a deep rooted tradition back from the days of Issac !!!!!!!

Deuteronomy 32:2

What an Awesome God we serve !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
a.Let my teaching fall like rain ; b.And my words descend like Dew ; c.Like Showers on new grass ; d.Like Abundant rain on Tender plants — Deut 32:2

Like Abundant Rain on tender plants , Showers on new grass, Words descend like dew….God sends rain in such tender way that the tender plants don’t get effected but refreshed cause of the showers on them , children love to play in the tender rain , I have witnessed some Africans come out in the rain rejoicing and bring out shampoo and wash their heads …it surely seemed strange for me …but its how different people , animals , plants everything God created rejoices at his tender mercies. Hallelujah !!!!!!!!

Thought for you –> Just imagine how it would be if a huge bucket full of water { relate to the one in water parks 500 gallon bucket that empties from time to time , if you are under it , you would be washed away ….I have experienced it } falls on us , on plants , on animals ? It would hurt us , kill our plants and it would be a major inconvenience , there would be accidents on the roads and would be a total disaster.

So when you read the word , the Bible why do you read in a hurry ? When you are listening to a sermon ( listening to word of God ) why do you want the preacher to hurry up and you looking at your watch several times ? I encourage you to spend some quality time in the Word …PUT YOUR FACE in the BOOK . Let the Word fall like tender rain on your soul and on your heart, let the holy spirit minister to you.


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Introducing NEW Electronica Deep House Artist ANOTHER LONG YEAR!

Introducing NEW Electronica Deep House Artist ANOTHER LONG YEAR!

“ANOTHER LONG YEAR” is the pseudonym for the Instrumental compositions and quirky arrangements of a new Electronica Deep House Artist originally from Baltimore, Maryland called Lester C.

Born into a Family filled with music lovers and music aficionados, Lester learned even as a small child to appreciate all genres of music. With his unique blend of infectious, MIDI-driven grooves, Lester C is creating quite a stir in the International, Global Underground Club Music scene, and is poised to break through to the next level.

Many thousands of years ago, a Wise Man once etched onto an ancient scroll these words - “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.
And so it begins…..

Another LONG Year

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Friday, July 10, 2009


Help Your children
And don't let them fall
By the side of the road, mmm...mmm...

And teach them
To love one another
That Heaven might find
A place in their hearts

'Cause Jesus is love
He won't let you down
And I know He's mine forever
Oh, in my heart

We've got to walk on
Walk on through temptation
'Cause His love and His wisdom
Will be our helpin' hand

And I know the Truth
And His words will be our salvation
Lift up our hearts
To be thankful and glad

That Jesus is love
He won't let you down
And I know He's mine
Deep down in my soul

Jesus is love
Oh, yes, He is
He won't let you down
And I know He's mine, He's mine, He's mine, He's mine, all mine
Forever, oh, in my heart
Help me, heart, heart

(Deep in my heart)
I know, I know, I know, I know
Ah, 'cause His love's the power (Power)
His love's the glory (Glory)
Forever (Ever and ever)

Ooh, yeah (Yeah, yeah)
Ooh, yeah (Yeah, yeah)
Ooh, yeah, yeah (Yeah, yeah)

I wanna follow your star
Wherever it leads me
And I don't mind, Lord
I hope you don't mind

I wanna walk with you
And talk with you
And do all the things you want me to do
'Cause I know that Jesus

(Jesus is Love, I know) 'Cause I know, Lord
(And if you ask, I'll show)
(Love is the word forever) And ever and ever

Who can bring you love (Jesus)
Who can bring you joy (Jesus)
Who can turn your life around (Jesus), oh

Ooh, yeah (Yeah, yeah)
Yeah (Yeah, yeah)

Who will pick you up (Jesus)
When you fall (Jesus)
Who'll stand beside you (Jesus)
Who will love us all

Hey, hey, Jesus (Yeah, yeah)
Jesus (Yeah, yeah)
Oh, yeah (Yeah, yeah)

One thing I wanna say
Who can heal your body (Jesus)
Who can make you strong (Jesus)
Who can help you to hold out (Jesus)
A little while longer

Ooh, yeah (Yeah, yeah)
Yeah (Yeah, yeah)
Jesus loves you (Yeah, yeah), Jesus wants you
If you call Him, He will answer

(Jesus) Call him in the mornin'
(Jesus) Call him in the evenin'
(Jesus) Call him in the midnight hour

Hey, hey (Yeah, yeah)
Yeah (Yeah, yeah)
Yeah, yeah (Yeah, yeah)
Yeah, y'all say it for me

(Jesus is love)

David Smith lost more than 400 pounds - See all pictures

David Smith, Now and Then

"When I was in my darkest place, I thought the world was so evil. But now, seeing that there is good in the world ... I'm gonna do my best to make this world bearable for everyone," Smith said.

Smith is seen here at a family function as a teenager. He dropped out of high school when he was 17. He says he couldn't take the emotional abuse from other kids and retreated into his parents house. "I've had like sticks and stones and dog feces … thrown at me and [I've been] spit on … that makes you feel, you know, not human at all." (Courtesy David Smith)

In July 2003, at the age of 26, David Smith met trainer Chris Powell for the first time. This handshake was the beginning of Smith's transformation -- Powell started him on a workout plan and a schedule that included healthy eating days followed by cheat days. (Courtesy David Smith)

David Smith at his kitchen table at age 24 in 2002. At his heaviest, Smith weighed more than 630 pounds. Now 31 years old, he has lost more than 400 pounds with the help of an unlikely friend.

Smith is seen here at age 30, after his first skin surgery post weight loss. He has never been in love and hopes that the right girl is out there for him.(Courtesy David Smith)

Beauty is only skin deep. Look at this guy ... he cant stop smiling Good for him cause he has a cute smile and he indeed became a hunk ...its an amazing victory. Congratulations Smith .

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Extraordinary Gold Plated Stuff

Who exactly uses any of these items below is a major question ????
This is purely obsession with Gold .
Golden Toilet
World's priciest toilet is located in Hong Kong. Built in 2001, the entire washroom required 380 kg of pure gold and 6,200 gemstones. Even the fixtures are made of gold. It costed HK $38 million and is now worth HK $80 million.

Gold-plated Dildo

We're not sure what purpose there is in this $1500 gold plated Elo Vya vibrator other than to give you heavy metal poisoning, but here it is. The 18k gold plated vibrator will satisfy women (and men), but also passes its AU into your porous areas. Which can't be good at all. But hey, it's now on sale for $999. Score!

Edible Gold Dessert

A posh restaurant in New York makes a $26,135 dessert, the world's most expensive one. Stephen Bruce, owner of Serendipity 3 in Manhattan's Upper East side, said pudding called the Frrrozen Haute Chocolate, is concocted using a blend of 28 rare, exotic cocoas before being topped with whipped cream, and sprinkled with 23-carat edible gold dust and a La Madeline au Truffle.
Along with the treat, the eater gets to take home the goblet it is served upon, the diamond encrusted 18 carat gold spoon used to eat it and a gold ladies' bracelet.

Gold-Plated Pram

This gold-plated pram, which boasts a fitted sound system and satin interior, was sold at Harrods for a staggering £6,000. Described as “the ultimate in “baby bling”, the converted Silver Cross Silver Shadow is dripping in £4,000-worth of 24-carat gold, which covers every panel as well as its wheels and spokes. The show-stopping pram was created by Graham Richardson and Alison Murfet, who run a pram-restoring business in Holbeach, Lincolnshire.

Golden Porsche

This jazzed Porsche 911 is from Russia. Covered with 40 pounds of pure gold, it was designed by Visualis, in 22 carat beaten gold. All the major components, from the control elements such as the steering wheel and doorknobs to the car body and alloy rims are covered with gold.

Golden PC Case

Tokyo-based Zeus Computer is reaching out to deep-pocketed celebrities and thenouveau riche with a line of luxury personal computers housed in bejeweled cases. It is yellow because it is made of solid gold and those sparkling white lights are nothing else but the encrusted diamonds. This is Mars, world's most expensive PC case! It costs only $570,000! They also have a Platinum version.

Golden Keyboard

t is insanely strange taste to cover a keyboard with a pure gold, but that's exactly what Wazakura Koubou has made. While it might look expensive, you can actually get one for only 28.875 Yen, about US$271

Gold Pills

Tobias Wong and Ju$t Another Rich Kid created the "Gold Pill", dipped in gold and filled with 24-karat gold leaf. You're supposed to eat it "to increase your self-worth." That would be funny if it didn't cost $425 for the joke.

Gold-plated Nintendo Wii

Presented to the Queen by THQ in a publicity stunt to promote the release of the Big Family Games Wii software title, this gold plated Nintendo Wii, was delivered to Buckingham Palace with the aforementioned game.

Gold-plated Coffee Machine

If you want your kitchen to spark, this 24-Karat gold-plated automatic coffee center, called Impressa F9, makes perfectly brewed coffee, espresso, latte, cappuccino, and other delicious coffee drinks with just a touch of a button. The automatic coffee center is limited to just 555 numbered units for a price of $2,799. Capresso will donate a portion of the proceeds to the “Share Our Strength” and “Coffee for Kids” charities. So, show off your wealth and your kind heart, at the same time!

Golden Bra

Launched by Korea's Golden Zone at a fashion show in Seoul, this brassiere costs more than a million (1.89 million to be precise) but you may end up paying a lot more in comfort (and style!). Decorated with encrusted diamonds and loops of liquid gold, not only is this garment unattractive, but I imagine wearing it must hurt

Golden Bike

This crystal and gold bike was created by a company named Aurumania, whose self-proclaimed purpose is to conceive of and design items with the extravagant use of gold, thereby turning familiar objects into collectible art. In this case, a $102,418.60 piece of art. Each bike is hand built, plated with 24 carat gold and hand-adorned with more than 600 Swarovski crystals.